10 pair gel-filled inline

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This 10 pair Dexseal closure is not reusable and is designed for single use ONLY for both 0.40mm and 0.64mm conductor size cables. Closure can only be used for 2 x 10 pair cable in an in-line or Butt ended cable configuration. Giving consideration to conductor size, i.e. 10 pair 0.40 to 10 pair 0.64mm only in in-line configuration. 1. Closure must only be used to joint 10 pair cable to 10 pair cable of either conductor sizes 0.40mm or 0.64 mm ensuring to use the correct colour coded cable retaining clamp for cable conductor size. White clamp for 0.64mm conductor, black clamp for 0.40mm conductor. 2. For use on damaged underground/ buried 10 pair cable and where minimal cable is left to restore service, i.e. inside a pit. 3. Can not be used to joint 10 pair in Distribution cable network-Openable Joint must be used. 4. 2 pr or 5 pr cables CANNOT be tapped out of 10 pr Dexseal closure. (Dexseal Closure entries are only made for 10 pr cables). 5. For direct burial application wrap the closure using Dexgreen sealing tape (Item codes: Telstra 51300206 / NBN 10028688), then apply electrical tape number 23 (43300348) over the amalgamating tape.

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